General Assembly 2010

The General Assembly is the place and time when the GLOBAL YOUNG GREENS make formal decisions. Here, we discuss common problems and strategies. We exchange views on important things and might come up with a resolution. The GYG generally aim at reaching a consensus. Only when we don’t find consensus (after trying really hard and looking into all possible solutions), it is that we have a formal vote. During a vote, all members of GYG have exactly one vote each. If there are more people from one larger organization, they get a total of four votes. This is to ensure a balance between large and small member organizations. The statues state the following regarding decision taking:

GYG aims at consensus decision making. If a total consensus is impossible, there will be an attempt to form a consensus on decision making procedure. If also this fails, in a case where it is deemed of extreme importance for the functioning of GYG, decisions will be taken with a two thirds majority.”

During the Berlin Congress, we aim at getting a restructuring for GYG done. Hence, there will be a lot of discussion on the future structure of GYG during the entire week. Further, we will elect a new Steering Committee (4 person from each region, gender balanced and max. of one person per country) and decide upon a Working or Action Plan for the coming years. In addition to this, we hope to have topical resolutions to be voted on as well. Everybody is invited to come up with ideas. You can pose your drafts prior to the Congress or start working on one during the Open Space spot on Tuesday. It will be possible to introduce resolutions until the start of the General Assembly. This leaves us time to make copies for everybody.

Program General Assembly

Thursday, August 12, 2010

11.00 AM – 1.00 PM

  • Reasons for the Restructuring-debate (Raju and Tom)
  • Introduction into proposed changes (Restructuring Working Group)
  • Debate on sub-points of the new statues
  • How do we deal with individuals in the network?
  • What is our relationship to the Global Greens?
  • The role of the SC – shall it do political statements?
  • Others (on demand)
  • Debate on new Rules of Procedures

2.00 PM – 6.00 PM

  • Break-out groups on crucial points (if necessary)
  • Presentation of potential consensus (if found), otherwise
  • Further debate on most crucial points – hearing the dissenting voices again
  • Attempt to form a consensus on decision making procedure
  • Decision made with agreed (new) procedure, otherwise
  • Vote
  • Coffee-Break (30 Min)
  • Introduction of topical resolutions
  • Debate on each resolution and passing (by consensus)
  • Meeting of dissenting opinions on topical resolutions to find a consensus
  • Adopting of resolutions (by consensus)

Friday, August 13, 2010

11.00 AM – 1.00 PM

  • Report from outgoing SC (each member about 5 Min)
  • Introduction of candidates for the incoming SC
  • Debate on Working and Action Plan for GYG
  • Adoption (by consensus) or
  • Vote (if necessary) on Working and Action Plan
  • Acceptance of new SC (by consensus)
  • Vote (if necessary) on new SC
  • Miscellaneous

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