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The most difficult thing with travelling is entering the differnt countries, in this case: the European Union (EU). Therefore it will be useful if you start trying to obtain a visa as soon as possible!
Please have in mind that you need to have a medical cover – this you need to bring to the embassy together with your passport and your ticket. Sometimes a transit visa is necessary (in some countries where you change the plane) so you need to a) to find out if you need one and b) if so obtain one.

If you need help with the visa aquisition please do not hesitate to email.

We can send your embassy an invitation letter which gives the embassy some security to issue out visa. If you need one please email us and send us the following details: Name; Address; Mail; Telephone No; Passport No; Date and place of birth; as well as where you fly from and which embassy (in which city and country) we need to fax it to.
Once we received your details and request we will fax the invitation letter to the embassy. The embassy people will most probably call you shortly afterwards. You will have to go to the embassy to bring your ticket as well as your medical cover and your passport. They tell you the next steps.
If something does not work, please come back to us and we try and help you!

Looking very much forward to seeing all of you,
your local and international prep team

Guide for a visa

List of german ambassy

Application for a visa in several languages.

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