Join our Communication and public relations team!

1. Inform yourself! Check the website:

2. Get in contact with your local organisation and ask them to give you their support. There should be two delegates of each organisation.

In case there is no local organisation, write to us:

3. Discuss the financial conditions with your organisation or with us. Secure your funding which includes your travel expenses (try to travel as cheap and ecologically friendly as possible!) and the participation fee (180 € per person).

4. Get a vote or nomination for a delegation by your local organisation.

5. Register for the congress – fill in the registration form and send it to:

6. Buy your tickets. Discuss the conditions with the prep team beforehand!

7. Read the proposal for the restructuring of GYG and discuss it within your organisation.

8.Prepare for the congress:

try to include as many people of your organisation as possible via mailing lists, social networks, personal contact etc.

9. Come to the congress, discuss and have fun!!

10. Be inspired and bring your experiences back to your country and your organisation! Help GYG become more known (e.g. by blogging and writing about it).

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