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Dear friends,
to organize a gathering as big and as important as our Second Congress in Berlin in August does not only require a lot of energy but also funds. We reached the threshold and collected enough money, however, you all are part of this as there will be a participation fee. We want to be able to provide you all with a wonderful venue, a hostel to stay in and fine food as well as tickets for the local public transportation. Hence, we think that the amount of 180 EUR per person is justified regarding that our Congress will take place in one of the most exciting cities of Europe and it will last almost an entire week. The participation fee can be transfered to our account prior to the Congress by your organization. This will be the easiest way for us but if you like you can also pay at the entrance upon arrival.
To ensure that this amount is not preventing anyone from abstaining, we stick to the GYG-policy of a reduced fee of 30 EUR for people from the Global South. This includes all people that are not in any of the below countries. However, if you can or your organization is strong enough we encourage you to pay the full price as a measure of solidarity with those who need assistance from us.

The Congress goes from Sunday evening until Saturday morning. We encourage all of you to participate fully in all activities during the entire period of the event. In the case of extreme importance we can reduce or split the fee if you come for only some days. Requests have to be made 3 weeks prior to the Congress. Nevertheless, this will be dealt on an individual base and we look forward to your full participation in the event.
Thank you,
the PrepTeam and the Steering Committee
We defined the countries of the Global North as all OECD-countries and those with a similar GDP per capita.
All countries of the EU-27, plus Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Korea, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, and the USA.

We encourage people and organizations who feel they can pay more to do so. If you have problems finding the funds please do not hesitate to mail us!

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