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GYG employs consensus building as the preferred method of decision making.

When gathered in a large group, for example at global congress, an effective way of building consensus is to form small groups for discussion, which later report back on key points of divergence.

At the beginning of each session, the group first agrees on how long can be spent discussing each point.

Then the following process is taken:

The process is undertaken as many times as necessary in the agreed amount of time.

If consensus is still not achieved, the person or people not in agreement can choose to stand aside. Standing aside means the people do not take part in that decision and are not responsible for the consequences.

If person not in agreement do not stand and aside and block consensus, a vote will be taken. Depending on the size of the group, voting can be done by a show of hands, with voting cards or by crossing the room.

To be passed, a proposal must gain two thirds or more of the vote.

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