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From the 30th of August to the 03rd of September 2009, Young Greens from Graz,Austria, hosted an important meetings for the Global Young Greens. Few volunteers from around the world attended to plan and discuss the Second Global Young Greens Congress, supported by Henrich Boll Fundation, which will take place in Berlin next year.

The prep-team had to discuss several important topics. Firstly, what is the future of Global Young Greens, and what are the issues we want to address? Everyone at the meeting agreed that climate change, social differences (including gender issues, discrimination etc) and Green public politics are issues that call for the attention of many groups of people globally and are issues to be addressed.

Another issue discussed the future structure of GYG- including what aspects of the structure are working well and what needs to change. The Prep team will work on a proposal over the next year and this will be voted on at the next congress. Three people from the GYG Steering Committee were present at the prep-team meeting: Douglas (Kenya), Sarah (France) and Mariana (Brazil). They were joined by other active Young Greens who should be acknowledged for their time, contributions and support: Marta (Poland and FYEG), Jana (Germany), Franza (Germany), Sanka (Siri Lanka), Jessica (New Zeland), Elissa (Australia), Tom (Australia), Simoni (Italy / Austria) and of course, the Graz team formed by Stefan, Cristina and Lukas. Special thanks for Tobias who supported us behind the scenes to make the meeting possible.

The prep team agreed to the content of the 2010 congress: Youth Power for Global Green Change: Ecology, Economy & Equality . Anyone interested in helping organise the Congress or if you would like more information about the Congress of GYG in general, visit our website or use email.

Think green and change the world!

Mariana Perin

On behalf of the Steering Committee

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