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From 22 to 25th July, a consultation meeting is helding in Marly le Roi (France).

Global Young Greens participate to this event, to prepare the Africa-Europe Youth Summit in Lisbon, during the second semester of 2007.

Global Young Greens participate to the european consultation with the african youth diaspora living in europe.
It is the occasion to discuss about 7 priority subjects:

  • Millennium Development Goals
  • Good Governance and Democracy
  • Peace and Conflict
  • Climate Change and sustainable development
  • Trade and Socio-Economical Development
  • Migration, Mobility, Intercultural Dialogue and Co-development
  • Employment and Decent Work agenda
  • Strategy and instruments for Euro-African Youth Participation and Cooperation

It is the occasion to bring the speech of Global Young Greens, and to bring a green touch to this consultation, that will produce a text concerning all these issues.

This text will be the contribution of European youth organisations and of young people from the African Diaspora to the Africa Europe Youth Summit and consequently to the EU-AU Summit of Heads of States !

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