Role: Chair of Global Young Greens (GYG) Oversight Committee

Hours: Between 2 – 15 hours per week (these hours fluctuate in relation to task load)                                   

Salary: Voluntary 

Skills and Experience (essential)

Skills and Experience (desirable)

  • Coordination and chairing skills;
  • Strong organisational, communication and mediation skills;
  • Experience dealing with complaints/carrying out investigations in relation to complaints;
  • Ability to be objective and make effective and well-informed decisions;
  • Experience working on a Young Green board/Executive Committee;
  • Good knowledge of the Organisational Principles of GYG;
  • Experience working within a GYG Regional Federation/transnational organisation;
  • Reliable and hardworking;
  • Experience working interculturally and in international teams;
  • Good English language skills (speaking, reading, writing);
  • Maximum age: 35 years.
  • Attendance to previous GYG Congress;
  • Ex-member of GYG Steering Committee or Congress Prep team;
  • Other language skills (particularly French and Spanish).


Committee responsibilities:

  • Chair a committee of 4 members;
  • Organise, set agendas and Chair regular meetings (online);
  • Work closely with and be the main point of contact to the GYG Steering Committee. Ensure the Steering Committee is working in accordance with GYG Organisational Principles;
  • Lead investigations into complaints, providing mediation where needed;
  • Organise and manage elections, co-options;
  • Regularly report to the Steering Committee regarding committee business;
  • Other associated tasks. 

How to Apply

Send the following documentation to


  1. A letter of motivation explaining your motivations for applying, how you meet the skills and experience required, what you will bring to the GYG Oversight Committee;
  2. A copy of your CV;
  3. A nomination letter from your member organisation. Should your organisation need guidance with this, please consult this template


Deadline: 9 May 2021, 23:59 UTC

Candidates will be selected via co-option carried out by the GYG Oversight Committee and GYG Steering Committee. Co-options will take place in accordance with gender balancing rules.