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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) comprises a maximum of four people from every region. It is an administrative and financial body, appointed by the Congress. The SC decided upon membership requests until the next Congress and it can issue political statements on behalf of the network.


Mansur Ahmad

Bangladesh, Asia-Pacific Region

mansur [a]

I am Engineer Mansur Ahmed, from my boy hood i involved some social work in my village area like tree plantation beside our road and any other sports and cultural activities. When i was student in University (Chittagong University of Engineering Technology CUET)  again i involved with some social and cultural club as well as politics also. I was two time elected central student union member of CUTECSU. After having my graduation i start my career in RMG and consulting firm both home and abroad and involve Institute of Engineering Bangladesh IEB. Right now involve to organize the green politics in Bangladesh which vision is set up the true democracy with grass root democracy . Interest to traveling .


Daisy Elloran

Philippines, Asia-Pacific Region

daisy [a]

I am Daisy Ann Elloran, 18 years old a youth from Laguna Philippines. I am the recent chairman and Laguna coordinator of Young Greens Philippines with the vision of bringing youth of the 21st century in unity through active participation in Local Governance working towards the Environmental and Social Awareness of the youth to have a sustainable and developed society. I am taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English in Don Bosco College Canlubang, Calamba Laguna Philippines. I was a member of the Girl Scout of the Philippines for 6 years and I also involved myself in journalism and in different clubs and organization. I am an active student particularly in leadership, when I was in elementary I am always a part of a council. When I was in secondary I handled the student body and became the president of Youth for Environment in School’s Organization. Now, I am the newly elected President of the College Student Council of Don Bosco College for sy: 2015-2016.


Bernardo Estacio Abreu

Venezuela, American Region


Comes from Venezuela, Member of the Venezuelan Young Greens of the Venezuelan green party, has co-worked with several Green Non Government Organizations, Better known to be an ideologist and more founded into Political action towards Green transition. Member of Varied and extended Environment defending Organizations also co-worker at Human rights workshops of NGOS. If you’re interested in the Venezuelan problematic or Latin American Dilemma on Environment Take a chance to contact me.


Onur Fidangul

Turkey, European Region


Student of Conflict Resolution and Social Change at Bennington College in Vermont, USA, Onur has been active in Greens as a Member of Young Greens of Turkey, Green and Left Future Party and served as an Executive Committee Member and Advisory Committe Member for Federation of Young European Greens.

Onur worked for Greenpeace Mediterranean in Istanbul, Tel Aviv and Ramallah as well Greenpeace EU Unit in Brussels on Climate / Energy, Fisheries Policy and Youth Coordination. Onur has also been internationally and locally advocating for the rights of LGBT+ individuals with International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commissions (IGLHRC) and Social Policies, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Studies Association (SPoD).

Join him on twitter.


Tanya Gutmanis

Canada, American Region


Tanya Gutmanis is a fourth year student at the University of Ottawa pursuing an honours degree in Political science with a minor in psychology. Within her University, Tanya is an active member of the Ottawa Greens and is also associated with the University of Ottawa Sustainability team, where she is currently working on an Environmental Charter of Rights for the University.


Zane McCarthy

New Zealand, Asia-Pacific Region


Kia ora! I’m Zane, 27 as of writing this, and I am from New Zealand. I am an early childhood teacher and the co-convenor of the Young Greens in New Zealand. I have been a member of my local Young Greens since 2010 and am keen to bring what we do in New Zealand to the Global Young Greens, as well as learning more about Young Greens in other parts of the world. I have a particular passion for education, social equality, and gender equality, all of which I am so happy to teach about in my role as a teacher. Also hula hooping. I quite like hula hooping.


Michaela Prassl

Austria, European Region


Hello, I’m Michaela from Austria currently studying German and English for a teacher’s degree. I also work as a German Co-Teacher and as a Kindergarten teacher to earn my living. In my spare time I travel, read and dance a lot. My political interests are in the fields of direct democracy, sustainability, gender studies and human security to name a few.


Lara Render

Germany, European Region

lara [a]

My name is Lara Render and I am a young German, currently doing a trinational Physics-Bachelor.

This is why at the same time I am a Student of Universität des Saarlandes (Saarland University), Université du Luxembourg (Luxembourg University) and Université de Lorraine (University of Lorraine). I am passionate about exchanging ideas and believe in the power of every citizen which is why I like to take action.

For five years I had been engaged with my school’s fairtrade club and at the same time I enjoyed writing a lot which is why I became engaged in jounalism.

Since three years now, I have been engaged with the Young Greens. After having done a two-weeks-internship with the German MEP (member of the european parliament) Sven Giegold, I joined my local Green Youth Party (Düsseldorfer Grüne Jugend). Since two years I work in the FYEG FOOD working group, since one year as a coordinator. 


Jeroni Vergeer

Netherlands, European Region


Jeroni Vergeer, Jeroni is 26 years old and live in Amsterdam. She works for the local greens in the city council. For many many years, she has been active in young greens, on a local, national and European level. She finds it very interesting to meet young greens from everywhere and hear their stories and achievements. She truly believes that greens from all over the world should cooperate to be stronger and more successful. She has many passions that she wants to fight for, such as human rights, global solidarity, equal chances, fair food system, LGBT and women’s rights and anti-discrimination.

Join her on twitter or on her website.


Rose Wachuka

Kenya, African Region


Rose Wachuka from Kenya is 26 years old and a steering Committee member representing the African Region. Rose has been with the Global Young Greens for three years. She is also the Strategic Advisor on Programs and Partner Relations of the Kenya Young Greens. She is a lawyer and an environmentalist by profession and a Green by orientation. Within the Global Young Greens, Rose is very active in the Gender Working Group, working with a team of inspired and focused young people. She is also keen to engage in the activities of the International Affairs Committee and overall actively engage all Global Young Greens in different forums and activities. Rose brings to the steering committee dedication and selfless service to ensure that the Global Young Greens are properly represented and that she contributes to the consolidation and reorganization of the Young Greens in Africa and be a support to the same processes within the other regions.


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