Alice Hubbard

Name: Alice Hubbard

Position: Secretary

Alice is a young green from the UK, currently based in Spain. She is passionate about young people in politics, feminism, indigenous, LGBTQI+ and refugee rights.

Alice is a graduate of the Young Greens of England and Wales 30 under 30 training programme and is now International Co-Coordinator of her national Green party.

In her free time, Alice likes swimming in the sea and travelling.


Ian Soutar

Name: Ian Soutar

Position: GYGSC Treasurer

Ian is a Young Green from Canada and has served two terms as Co-Chair of the youth wing of his party. He is outspoken on youth engagement, international affairs, LGBTQ+ rights and Truth and Reconciliation with indigenous people.

He has been involved with the Greens since 2015 and has run campaigns both municipally and provincially.

He is now employed with the Green Party of Canada as an Elections Organizer for the 2019 federal elections. Born in Vancouver BC, he now lives in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, with his husband Rafael and his dog Zoey.


Oversight Committee

Eva Pfannerstill

Name: Eva Pfannerstill

Position: Chair of the Oversight Committee

Eva is a young green from Germany and has lived in Cambodia, Canada and the Netherlands.

She has been active on an international level within the world of young greens since 2011, e.g. in the International Coordination of the German Young Greens and within FYEG working groups.

Her favourite topics are global justice, climate and feminism. She is doing a PhD in atmospheric chemistry and likes playing the viola and ice skating.


Chalwe Chandalala

Name: Chalwe Chandalala

Position:Member Of The Oversight Committee

Chalwe is a young green from Zambia,his a passionate youth about Sustainable Environment,young people,drug abuse and human rights.

Chalwe is a student at MEF University.
He as been active in Green politics since 2014 and serving as the Youth Coordinator and Provincial Youth Chairman.

His hobbies football, traveling, national affairs