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Dakar 2012


The 3rd GYG Congress took place in 2012 in Dakar, Senegal.

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Passed Resolutions

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The following is a list of resolutions passed at the 3rd Global Young Greens General Assembly on 29th March 2012. Resolutions are being added as they are available. Resolutions Resolution 1. GYG – FYEG Cooperation Agreement Resolution 2. Membership development initiative for the Steering Committee Resolution 3. Invitation to all youth wings of Global Greens Member Organizations Resolution 4. Global Youth for Sustainable Development in Rio+20 Resolution 5. Global Democracy and support for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly Resolution 6. Global Young Greens supports the African Revolutions Resolution 7. Global Young Greens & Global Greens – Defining the relationship Amendments to the Global Greens Charter There was an opportunity for the Global Young Greens to propose amendments and to participate in the process of the revision of the Global Greens Charter. As our General Assembly occurred before the plenary of the Global Greens, there was an opportunity for the Global Young Greens to participate in workshops and breakout groups during the Global Greens Congress to propose amendments and provide feedback on suggested changes. As such, many of the amendments which the Global Young Greens were interested in seeing included in the Global Greens Charter were included through negotiation in the spirit of consensus. However, the following amendment was proposed specifically by the Global Young Greens to the plenary of the Global Greens and is a demonstration of the importance of engaging youth in with the Global Green movement. Global Young Greens amendment to Article 2.10 of the Global Greens Charter The amendment was accepted by the plenary of the Global Greens “The greens understand that the current form of financialised neoliberal capitalism aids the rich and is crisis prone. It contributed to growing inequality and dispossession of poor...

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Gender Seminar

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Would you like to be a participant in a great event of putting sexual and reproductive rights into practice? The 3rd Global Young Greens Congress in Dakar offers you the best platform to be part of a diverse group of young people interested and committed to demystify this topic and have fun while at it at the joint Workshop Sessions on Sexual and Reproductive Rights on 28th March 2012! Theme: Sexual and Reproductive Rights; an In-depth discussion Aims and Objectives We aspire to achieve three (3) concrete objectives with this joint seminar session; an introduction to the topic with a focus on different backgrounds and best-practices; networking and awareness raising. Target Group Our main target is young political activists from all continents who are already active in their respective networks or interested in this theme. Planned Sessions Session 1-28th March 2012 Time: 9:30am-11:00am Introduction Sexual and reproductive rights- This workshop aims to explore and introduce the topic of sexual and reproductive rights. At this workshop, we want to focus on what the topics entails and how we can relate to the topic as participants. We also want to focus on different realities from Africa, Asia, America and Europe, which is why the workshop will be inclusive and participatory. Every participant will have a chance to relate the situation in their respective countries and/or continents. Session 2-28th March 2012 Time 11:30am-1:00pm Sexual violence and conflict The aim of this session is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge about the social, political, economic and cultural aspects of sexual violence and conflict so that we can better understand the complex patterns of sexual violence and begin a comprehensive discussion of causes, consequences, and possible solutions. The session will be exploring issues of: • Sexual violence and ethnic conflicts, • Sexual violence during times of war, • Military rape, • Domestic violence • Rape of men in times of war-. Session 3-28th March 2012 2:30pm-4:00am Raise your Voice – Social media Workshop- This is a Beginners Workshop for young female activists who wish to raise awareness in gender topics or to reach a community of people who can brand their message without it costing us anything more than out time. We want to explore the ways to use social media to raise the voices of the youth and to create a forum where we can gain acceptance for ideas which would not be highlighted in the traditional media. This session will give an overview of possible media strategies, the use of Twitter, Blog and Facebook. Session 4: 28th March 2012 4:30pm-06:00pm Interactive space: This space will be used to reflect on the discussions held, come up with a position paper or a GYG sexual and reproductive rights curriculum of activities. Share general knowledge and chart the way for follow up seminars and modes of post seminar communication. Session 5- (Tentative) Time to be announced later Study Visit to a Women´s shelter We want to visit a local women´s shelter in Dakar to learn more about the current situation of the theme at the local level. By this visit, we want to connect the theoretical workshops to practical occurrences. The aim is to establish new contacts for further cooperation and exchange and to give the possibility to network with the local and regional actors...

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Congress Call

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Welcome to GYG 2012! Applications have now closed! The Global Young Greens are organizing their 3rd GYG Congress in Dakar, Senegal from 27th to 29th of March 2012. Young Greens from all over the world will gather to take part in this amazing event that coincides with an ever pressing need for youth involvement in governmental strategies and environmental protection. Interested? Here’s the deal… Who are we? The Global Young Greens (GYG) is a global youth network working for ecological sustainability, social justice, grassroots democracy and peace. Its main objectives are to empower young people within the framework of participatory democracy to further the Green principles as outlined in the Global Greens Charter. The GYG network hosts a Congress every 2 to 3 years to collaborate and inspire its members. When and where will GYG 2012 take place? The third GYG Congress will take place in Dakar, Senegal, from the 27th to the 29th of March 2012 just before the Global Greens Congress. We already chose a great venue close to the beach, so don’t miss out, make sure you join us in Dakar! What are the Objectives of the Congress? The core aims of the Congress are to: Enhance and empower the network between young green activists and organisations around the World. Work on a green vision and an action plan for the Global Young Greens network. Exchange green skills and discuss about the following topics: Cooperatives for Poverty Eradication Education and Health for all Youth Grassroots Training Women Empowerment in Africa What is the scheduled Program? Our Program is still tentative and new workshops are added to the diversity of activities we’re planning. Here’s a link for a hint of the GYG 2012 schedule but stay tuned-in for future updates! Who can Participate? Registration is open to people 35 and under from youth organizations identifying as Green. Although we would love to provide translation services for our participants, at the moment we are unable to do so due to financial reasons. Therefore a minimum level of English skills is required for communication during the GYG. How to get there? That is your own choice – but of course you should chose the greenest way possible! We are working on getting a boat from Europe to Dakar, more info here! In general, you will have to pay for your own ticket. You can always ask your organisation or green foundation for support. There are also other possibilities to fundraise and we will do our best to help you. How can I apply and when is the Deadline? Please register using the following link. The deadline to apply is 22.01.2012. Please make sure we receive your application in time. What is the Participation Fee? The participation fee is 90 euros for youth from the Global North and 30 euros for those from the Global South. The fee covers accommodation, food, workshop materials and local transportation. Can I apply for Funding support? The financing of this event is a joint effort of everybody involved. All delegates and all organizations represented are expected to actively look for funds and to contribute as much as they can. Generally, all participants are responsible for their own travel costs and their participation fee. Global Young Greens will have a small central fund that may...

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