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Berlin 2010


The 2nd GYG Congress took place in 2010, in Berlin, Germany

The Video

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Call for Congress 2010

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Dear Global Young Green Activists! You think Global Young Greens (GYG) is a great thing? You would like to meet people from all around the world? You are keen to discuss green issues until the sun is rising again? Then this is the event you have to attend: From the 8th to 14th of August 2010 the 2nd Global Young Greens Congress will take place! Where? In Berlin, Germany. It will be held at the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation (the German Green Foundation) which offers its location to us. This is in the center of Berlin! We will sleep close by in either a gym or (if you pay for it) in a hostel. What’s it about? During the Congress there will be space for restructuring GYG electing a new Steering Committee trainings workshops open space for discussions and getting to know each other finding common positions and vote on them parties a city tour a lot more How to get there? That is your own choice – but of course you should chose the greenest way possible! In general, you will have to pay for your own ticket. There are lots of possibilities how you can fundraise for yourself. More details can be found soon on our website: If you live in a country, that is not called “industrialized” you may apply to a central fund, which is extremely limited, from January 15th onwards. The application includes a motivation letter outlining why and how you can contribute to the Congress. More details about the application process will be sent out in an email in December and you’ll find them soon on our website. How to get involved? Go for it! The Congress is organized by an international and a local preperation team. We still need loads of helping hands – so get started and join one of our working groups: The Fundraising Group raises funds to help you out paying for your flights. The Content Group plans the programme for the Congress: At what time should be what? Which workshops will be offered, which trainings can be useful and who can be the facilitator of the workshop or training? The Web & Mobilization Group updates the website and makes contact within organisations that may want to be involved with GYG. The Structure Group is working on a few proposals for the new structure of GYG, which will be voted on at the congress. To be part of this group it is useful to have some experience in the current structure of GYG or other similar organisations. We would love you to be involved in helping us organise the Congress as there is a lot of work to do! There are many ways to help, so if you do not want to be part of a working group, you may be interested in running a workshop at the Congress, or you have other brilliant ideas. Global green greetings, your global and local prep team! Franza Drechsel German Young Greens Coordinator of the GYG Congress...

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Here you can find daily reviews, workshop reports and a lot of pictures of the 2nd GLOBAL YOUNG GREENS CONGRESS in Berlin. Just click the days below to get informed about what happened at these days!  

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Proposal: Sustainable Global Travel Policies

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From: ViNO (Finish Young Greens) The possibility to travel easily and with an affordable price has partially made the globalisation possible. Although Internet and other modern technologies provide almost endless opportunities for intercultural communication, easy travelling and live meetings are a very essential part of it. Globalization as a process has been as well as essential and unavoidable also enriching and congenial, but the traffic solutions enabling it should be profoundly rethought. Up to now global travelling has mainly been concentrating on flight traffic, which is the least climate-friendly form of travelling as it produces also other toxic greenhouse gases in addition to only carbon dioxide. World’s oil reserves are almost finished, thus in the long run traffic solutions based on oil consumption are in no means sustainable. There is a strong need not only to globally concentrate on developing other forms of traffic but to stop favouring flight traffic as well. Flight traffic is favoured in several ways, the most striking being the tax-subsidies it gets. In most countries flight companies don’t pay taxes for the fuel they use. The situation should immediately be changed with the ultimate goal being a decision to tax the flight fuel on United Nations level. Before that there should be climate taxes on kerosene on the level of European Union and other unions alike. The tax would enable the external costs of flight traffic – damage caused by accidents, damage to the nature and scenery, noise pollution etcetera – to finally be included in the ticket prices at least to some extent. At the moment they are left to be paid from public funds. The strong favouring of flight traffic makes it more difficult to develop other means of traffic, especially railways. To make a real shift from air to rail tracks, the railway sector should be subsidized and competition in railway service production should be allowed when considered carefully. Also the development of electric cars should be speeded up and promoted efficiently. However, the most important factor in traffic policies is to diminish the need to travel. Global organs like EU or UN should seriously start using the wide range of possibilities provided by the Internet, for example web conferences, and carefully consider the necessity of live meetings. The necessary live meetings should be concentrated in places with good railway connections. There will always be a need for flying between the continents, but otherwise changing the traffic culture can substantially diminish the need to...

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Restructuring of GYG

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We have new Statutes. The basis of GYG, called “The Organisational Principles of GYG” have been subject to main changes during the Berlin Congress. We introduced a Membership but kept the idea of having Member Organisations as well as Individual young greens in the network. The Steering Committee will from now on decide upon membership requests until the next Congress. We have also passed a “Membership Guide”. Further, the Steering Committee is now allowed to issue political statements on behalf of the network after most intense consultations with the Regions and Members. We have also changed our voting system in order to become more professional. Over 100 young delegates debated over 7h on Thursday, August 12th, 2010, on this subject. THE NEW STATUTES AND ALL RELEVANT DOCUMENTS WILL BE ONLINE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Read the proposal here: ENGLISH (official version to work with) FRENCH SPANISH PORTUGUESE The current statutes can be found...

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Panel Discussions

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There will be a series of panel discussions during the Congress. These are always in the evening and are open to the interested public. How can small farmers work in a sustainable way? Possibilities of sustainable production und living Tuesday, August 10, 2010 7.00 – 8.30 PM The current agricultural industries are structured through big companies, large monocultures and industrialiesed harvesting mechanisms. It can only survive by using huge amounts of pesdicides and eventually GMOs. Small scale agriculture show the benefits of small farming in order to agroindustry. How can farmers survive in an ecological, non-industrial way? What are the advantages of small farmers torwards GMO- and industrialised farming? Can small famers nourish worlds population? With: Maren Kneller, German Federal Ministry for Development and Economic Cooperation Armin Paasch, Misereor Benedikt Härlin, Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft / Foundation on Future Farming Facilitation: Ute Straub, Referentin Internationaler Agrarhandel, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Is it possible to green our economy or do we rather need system change? Wednesday, August 11, 2010 8.00 – 9.30 pm Do we need an ecological or a completely different system? What would be a Global Green New Deal? Is there new model for world economy and world society? What kind of system would be needed and would be appropriate in order to deal with current world-challenges? With: Brigitte Mahnkopf, Professor for Political Science / attac Germany N.N. (hbs) Facilitation: N.N. (GYG) Green New Deal Thursday, August 12, 2010 8.00 – 9.30 pm Event by the Green Group in the European Parliament With: Reinhard Bütikofer, MEP...

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The will be two spots for workshops at the Berlin Congress. One on Monday and one on Wednesday. Please see below for more details on the workshops. In case you want to contribute with your own workshop to the congress, please do so in the “Open Space” on Tuesday. This will be a time when everybody can hold workshops and people will “float around” and participate where they want and as long as they want. First Workshop Phase Monday, August 8, 2010 2.00 – 4.00 PM Gender in a postmodern world In the globalized world different concepts of gender meet, creating new understanding of gender. But within the postmodern world, gender remains a discriminative category, gender still matters. This workshop is concerned with exploring the development of gender in a postmodern world. Climate Refugee Migration Climate Change has various implications and it affects especially the poor. Sea-level rise as well as desertification as a result of Climate Change forces people to migrate. This Workshop deals with the phenomena of Climate Refugees and tries to explore ways of dealing with related issues like land-ownership problems Forum Theater Forum Theatre is a type of political theatre from the Theatre of the Oppressed (Augusto Boal). It empowers the audience by inviting them to join on stage where a social conflict is displayed. Therefore, everyone can experiment with his or her ability to solve conflicts non-violently, and try out different approaches and strategies to solve existing social problems. It is a fundamentally democratic kind of political theatre as the audience decides for itself which solutions it can accept and how conflicts should be solved non-violently. With Laura Appeltshauser (German Young Greens, Forumtheater Rabenschwarz) The War on Drugs and the blameworthiness of the Global North The nations of the Global North lead a global war against drugs, thereby they hazard the consequences of massive “undesirable side-effects” like a considerable number of violations of human rights and national sovereignty. Despite of disastrous consequences of these policies, the worldwide production and consumption of drugs is increasing, in the Global North as well as in the drug production and transit countries. At the same time the drug trade finances corruption, international crime, insurgency and terrorists. Thus it is the responsibility of the Global North –  together with the drug cultivation and transit countries like Mexico, Afghanistan and Coca countries of South America – to develop a new human international drug policy. This must provide an economic perspective for the drug farmers, reasonable care and therapy for drug addicts and a legal way of drug acquisition for the drug users. With Max Plenert (Green Expert on Drug-Policy) UN Youth Delegates: Youth Participantion at the International Level In October 2010 two German Youth Delegates, Clara Leiva Burger and Jens Christoph Parker, will accompany the German delegation to the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Since 1981 the United Nations recommend Member States to include Youth Delegates in their national delegations in order to ensure direct youth participation. Up to now numerous Member States make use of this possibility. At the General Assembly Clara and Jens are advisers on matters of youth to the German delegation. Its their goal to give a voice to youth at the UN. Before that they travel through the whole of Germany to collect...

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General Assembly 2010

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The General Assembly is the place and time when the GLOBAL YOUNG GREENS make formal decisions. Here, we discuss common problems and strategies. We exchange views on important things and might come up with a resolution. The GYG generally aim at reaching a consensus. Only when we don’t find consensus (after trying really hard and looking into all possible solutions), it is that we have a formal vote. During a vote, all members of GYG have exactly one vote each. If there are more people from one larger organization, they get a total of four votes. This is to ensure a balance between large and small member organizations. The statues state the following regarding decision taking: “GYG aims at consensus decision making. If a total consensus is impossible, there will be an attempt to form a consensus on decision making procedure. If also this fails, in a case where it is deemed of extreme importance for the functioning of GYG, decisions will be taken with a two thirds majority.” During the Berlin Congress, we aim at getting a restructuring for GYG done. Hence, there will be a lot of discussion on the future structure of GYG during the entire week. Further, we will elect a new Steering Committee (4 person from each region, gender balanced and max. of one person per country) and decide upon a Working or Action Plan for the coming years. In addition to this, we hope to have topical resolutions to be voted on as well. Everybody is invited to come up with ideas. You can pose your drafts prior to the Congress or start working on one during the Open Space spot on Tuesday. It will be possible to introduce resolutions until the start of the General Assembly. This leaves us time to make copies for everybody. Program General Assembly Thursday, August 12, 2010 11.00 AM – 1.00 PM Reasons for the Restructuring-debate (Raju and Tom) Introduction into proposed changes (Restructuring Working Group) Debate on sub-points of the new statues How do we deal with individuals in the network? What is our relationship to the Global Greens? The role of the SC – shall it do political statements? Others (on demand) Debate on new Rules of Procedures 2.00 PM – 6.00 PM Break-out groups on crucial points (if necessary) Presentation of potential consensus (if found), otherwise Further debate on most crucial points – hearing the dissenting voices again Attempt to form a consensus on decision making procedure Decision made with agreed (new) procedure, otherwise Vote Coffee-Break (30 Min) Introduction of topical resolutions Debate on each resolution and passing (by consensus) Meeting of dissenting opinions on topical resolutions to find a consensus Adopting of resolutions (by consensus) Friday, August 13, 2010 11.00 AM – 1.00 PM Report from outgoing SC (each member about 5 Min) Introduction of candidates for the incoming SC Debate on Working and Action Plan for GYG Adoption (by consensus) or Vote (if necessary) on Working and Action Plan Acceptance of new SC (by consensus) Vote (if necessary) on new SC...

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GYG Congress in Berlin: How to get in the EU?

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The most difficult thing with travelling is entering the differnt countries, in this case: the European Union (EU). Therefore it will be useful if you start trying to obtain a visa as soon as possible! Please have in mind that you need to have a medical cover – this you need to bring to the embassy together with your passport and your ticket. Sometimes a transit visa is necessary (in some countries where you change the plane) so you need to a) to find out if you need one and b) if so obtain one. If you need help with the visa aquisition please do not hesitate to email. We can send your embassy an invitation letter which gives the embassy some security to issue out visa. If you need one please email us and send us the following details: Name; Address; Mail; Telephone No; Passport No; Date and place of birth; as well as where you fly from and which embassy (in which city and country) we need to fax it to. Once we received your details and request we will fax the invitation letter to the embassy. The embassy people will most probably call you shortly afterwards. You will have to go to the embassy to bring your ticket as well as your medical cover and your passport. They tell you the next steps. If something does not work, please come back to us and we try and help you! Looking very much forward to seeing all of you, your local and international prep team Guide for a visa List of german ambassy Application for a visa in several...

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How to be part of the GYG Congress in ten steps

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1. Inform yourself! Check the website: 2. Get in contact with your local organisation and ask them to give you their support. There should be two delegates of each organisation. In case there is no local organisation, write to us: 3. Discuss the financial conditions with your organisation or with us. Secure your funding which includes your travel expenses (try to travel as cheap and ecologically friendly as possible!) and the participation fee (180 € per person). 4. Get a vote or nomination for a delegation by your local organisation. 5. Register for the congress – fill in the registration form and send it to: 6. Buy your tickets. Discuss the conditions with the prep team beforehand! 7. Read the proposal for the restructuring of GYG and discuss it within your organisation. 8.Prepare for the congress: try to include as many people of your organisation as possible via mailing lists, social networks, personal contact etc. 9. Come to the congress, discuss and have fun!! 10. Be inspired and bring your experiences back to your country and your organisation! Help GYG become more known (e.g. by blogging and writing about...

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