The Steering Committe

The Steering Committee (SC) comprises of a maximum of two people from every region. It is an administrative and financial body, appointed by the Congress. The SC decides upon membership requests until the next Congress and it can issue political statements on behalf of the network.

Members of the current Steering Committe

Janmajei Tiwari


Janmejai is a young green from India, currently based in Almora. He started his career at the age of 16 in youth politics and has served 1 term as campaign head and 2 terms as a Convener of Uttarakhand Student Organization (USO). He has been actively involved in International green politics in his roles as Regional Coordinator for GYG and Steering Committee member of Asia Pacific Young Greens Network (APYGN). He is passionate about youth politics, feminism, LGBTQ+ and  labour rights and very vocal about Right to Education and against privatization of health. Janmejai likes traveling and treking in himalayan ranges.

Liliane Pollmann


Liliane is a young green from Germany and currently lives in the Ruhr Area which is an interesting model for structural change by leaving coal behind. She got involved with green politics at the age of 14 and has been active in several parts of the German Young Greens since then. She took it to the international level through FYEG’s Social Europe Working group.
She is passionate about social justice and equality, sustainability and transformation processes to achieve a global way of living within planetary borders.
In her spare freetime she loves to read a lot of books and acting on theatre’s stage and in political satire.

Fabiana Zanutti

Activiteis coordinator

Gaduated in Political Science (University of Buenos Aires). Master’s Degree in Marketing, Consulting and Political Communication. Master’s Degree in Political and Institutional Communication. Postgraduate degree in Political Communication and New Technologies (UBA), Data Scientist, Digital House. President of the Green Party of Buenos Aires. A youth leader at the national level.  Member of the team of the Directorate of Environmental Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship (Argentine Chancellery). Member of the National Climate Change Cabinet. The alternate political focal point at international climate change conventions.

Samantha Anzemo

Communications Coordinator

Samantha  is a young green from Kenya  living in the capital city of Nairobi. Born and raised in Kenya,She has been active in Kenya Young greens for the past  5 years. She has been active in environmental conservancy,youth programs and women empowerment programs.she is the communications coordinator of Global Young Greens.She is  passionate about LGBT environmental conservancy, justice,feminism and Human rights.

Ali Khademolhosseini

Regional coordinator for europe

Ali Khademolhosseini is a young green from German young Greens.
He is also an activist in fields of Human rights and climate and a democracy advocate.
He swore years ago to dedicate his life to help people who live under dictatorships and suppression.
His political focus is on, defense and security, EU forgien policies, peace making, and sustainable development.

Marco Rocco

Regional coordinator for Americas

Marco Rocco is a young green from Brazil, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. He has been active in brazilian young greens for the past 10 years, dedicated to environmental conservancy, climate emergency, sustainability, social justice, equality and youth programs.
Marco currently is co-chair of the young greens of Rio de Janeiro and coordinator of international relationships of brazilian young greens. He is also in the young greens of americas federation.

Souleymane Ouedraogo

Regional Coordinator for Africa

Ouedraogo Souleymane is the coordinator of CJEF, a member structure of GYG for 8 years now, he has been campaigning within the Rassemblement Des Ecologistes du Burkina Faso (RDEBF).He was coordinator of the student body of the party. Also a founding member of the network of Young Ecolos of West Africa (REJEAO) and (CJEF) he had several international missions within the framework of these activities. 
Passionate and committed to political ecology. He currently holds the post of secretary for youth and promotion of green jobs at the RDEBF. 
He loves football in his spare time.

Saima Bhutto

Regional Coordinator for Asia Pacific

Steering Committe Reports