Oversight Committee Bios

Julius Rupprecht

Name: Julius Rupprecht

Position: Oversight Committee chair

Julius is a young green from Germany and a student of law in Berlin. He has been involved within the green and young green movement since 2015 (mainly in the fields of migration, legal and economic policy) and from 2016 on an international level as member of the international board of German Young Greens and co-organiser of international events.

GYG and its structure was on his radar at the latest since Liverpool congress and Julius continued the reform of the Organisational Principles as a member of the Structures and Procedures working group.

Besides his interest in youth activism he likes singing in his choir, reading all kinds of nerdy Wikipedia articles and hanging around on the rooftops of eastern Europe and Berlin.

Email: occhair@globalyounggreens.org


Gregorio Blanca

Chalwe Chandalala

Name: Gregorio Blanca

Position: Oversight Committee member

Gregorio is a green youth from Venezuela, a journalist, with a master’s degree in Political Science, president of the green ecologic youth of Venezuela, environmental activist, since the foundation of my International Refuge in Bolivia, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Gregorio likes football, baseball and world politics.

Email: Gregorioblanca55@gmail.com


Name: Chalwe Chandalala

Position: Oversight Committee member

Chalwe is a young green from Zambia,his a passionate youth about Sustainable Environment,young people,drug abuse and human rights.

Chalwe is a student at MEF University.
He as been active in Green politics since 2014 and serving as the Youth Coordinator and Provincial Youth Chairman.

His hobbies football, traveling, national affairs

Email: chandalalagreens@yahoo.com