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Global Young Greens
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Donations to GYG will be used to support our work. GYG adheres to the following principles in relation to donations:

  1. Donations will be used to support the GYG congress 2021 and delegations of GYG to UN Climate Conferences.
  2. Donations will not be accepted from an individual, organisation or company whose actions and values are inconsistent with the principles of the Global Greens Charter.
  3. GYG remains an independent organisation; donations of any kind cannot affect this independence in any way, in particular the political activities and principles of GYG.
  4. GYG is allowed to enter into mutually beneficial arrangements with third parties. Any such arrangements must be relevant and not infringe upon the independence of the GYG. These principles apply to donations, in-kind contributions, sponsorship, gifts, payments for advertising, revenue from mutual partnership schemes and similar incomes.