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CALL OUT – Capacity Building Working Group

GYG is introducing a NEW Capacity Building Working Group (CBWG), are you interested in joining?

GYG’s new CBWG will be responsible for supporting the growth of the global young green network through the promotion of knowledge-sharing, exchanges, encouragement and consultation.  

The CBWG will liaise with regional coordinators (from the SC) to assist in establishing and developing sustainable young green organisations and networks in regions where activism is illegal or difficult to implement/with activists who are interested in founding YG organisations. The CBWG will produce a yearly activity plan to define goals and priorities of the working group. Examples for these activities are the creation of information toolkits, fundraising, webinars, exchanges, workshops.


  • Passionate about the value of capacity building for the growth of the global young green movement
  • Experience in a young green organisation/NGO/on a Young Green Board/Committee
  • Proactive, creative and committed
  • Experience developing capacity building projects/initiatives

We are looking for 8 members (regionally and gender balanced), including two co-chairs.
If you are interested in applying, please send a motivational paragraph of no more than 300 words to by 31st May 2018.